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Tegan & Scott ~ Sneak Peek...

Written by Heather on March 17th, 2015.      0 comments

The high kick dance. Proudly owned by Tegan and her girls. Tegan was madly showing off her rad high kick moves one evening during her 21st year of life... when she took a sweet fall to her bottom. The most handsome man in the room helped her to her feet... (probably the man she should have been marrying (the best man) .. as her future husband (although she didn't know it at the time) stood there, laughing his ass off at her.
Oh, it was true love baby! ...

We hear all sorts of stories of how people meet for the first time, some have us crying, some have us laughing and all are amazing in their own unique way! Because the main thing is... sparks flew... at sooome point or another and it all leads to the point of us joining this amazing couple of their very special day!!

Tegan and Scott... we had a BLAST with you guys on Friday!! Congratulations to you both again! xoxo

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