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So Many Thanks...

Written by Heather on March 10th, 2015.      0 comments

We are asked frequently "What happens if you can't make it on our day?" ... Our general answer is - "We hope like heaven we can!!! - However should something go wrong, we'll do everything in our absolute power to find a suitable photographer to fill our shoes".
We've never had to find a replacement photographer for us before... however Friday 27th of February and Saturday 28th of February were two of those days. We were meant to be in Wanaka on the Friday and Christchurch on the Saturday...

So we have to sinceeeerely, from the bottom of our hearts thank Katrina and Warren Williams from Williams Photography in Queenstown for stepping in for us to shoot the insanely gorgeous wedding of Rebecca and Logan in Wanaka on Feb 27th.
And to Ladybug Photography by Angela Penn and Tegan Johnson Photography for capturing our wedding on Feb 28th.
Having such amaaaaazing and supportive friends in the industry is seriously a huuuge blessing!!!

Thank you so much again you guys!!! You have no idea how much we appreciated you giving our clients the best possible treatment that we would have loved to have given them. .. Go check out all these amazing photographers work!! They're all incredible!!!!!

Rebecca and Logan, I can totally see just how incredible and amazing your wedding day was from the photos and it's nothing short of what is deserved for such a beautiful and down to earth couple!!! Congratulations on your gorgeous day!! xoxoxo

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