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Photographers at Play...

Written by Heather on August 13th, 2014.      0 comments

On Saturday, photographers be photographers and we got our geek on with some fun lighting techniques!... We had a fabulously fun afternoon in the warm winter sunlight with our great friends Kim and Liam of Kimberley Cheyne Photography to advance our skills in the funnest way possible.
Cossars Wineshed kindly allowed us to use their venue to skip around and play with our ideas!
Abbie & Lynard were our amazing last minute models who took robot instructions in some parts and laughed at our insanely "awesome" jokes! So appreciative to them and their wonderful, fun, carefree personality's! Couldn't have asked for a better couple!!

A small blog (on our new website -wink, wink- ) about our afternoon will be up a little later!! ... Hopefully one of the last things to tick off our to do list!! ... ..... ....... Whooooop!

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