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Written by Heather on March 5th, 2015.      0 comments

This last week has been the slowest week of our lives. Milli seconds seem like minutes, minutes seem like weeks, weeks seem like years. We’d wake up each morning saying to each other… is this really happening? Yes, yes it really was.

Some of you have shared in the joy of the much-anticipated arrival of our first child, due in June. We learned a month ago that we were having a little girl… The joy multiplied so quickly.
I’ve learned in the last year the true meaning of ‘Joy’. Everyone wants to be happy… nobody wants to be sad. ‘Joy’, the way I understand it to be is the state of seeing the rainbow through even the roughest of storms.

I’ve had such a wonderful pregnancy, all was going well and baby and I were healthy. However during my 24th week of pregnancy, life threw a curve ball at us and we learned our little girl had passed away and joined the angels in heaven. And our beautiful girl, April Victoria Rose was born on February 27th 2015, without a single breath.

We’ve been surrounded in the most divine and tangible peace that only God can provide during such trying times, and we are so thankful to our beautiful family and friends for all their increeeedibleee love and support this past week.
We feel so blessed and full of joy, knowing we had even 5 amazing months with our daughter.
…My beautiful April, you’ve been telling me the story of you since the moment you were conceived. Allowing me to get to know you through my dreams – I’ve had sooo many. You let me know that you were a girl, you allowed me to cuddle you so close to my chest in the most divine dream I’ve ever had in my life. You showed me what you would look like with your dark hair like your Dad (used to have) and my bright green eyes. You also let me know that you would be little in the real world, I just didn’t anticipate how little you’d be.
These dreams are a part of our story and time together and I will never ever forget them. Thank you for being our daughter, thank you for being perfect. Thank you God for our Angel, we love you sooo much! xoxox

And also a huuuge Thank you to the beautiful Sharon from Heartfelt for the images she took of our time with April, that we will treasure for the rest of our lives!! xoxo

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