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Kim & Hunter ~ Sneak Peek...

Written by Heather on May 3rd, 2015.      1 comments

At the crack of dawn on Saturday morning, I watched the sun come up with my dear friend Kim (Kim Hamblin Photography) and her adoooorable wee Hunterboo. Gorgeous wee Hunter typically loves to run run run and mission like any other 16 month old dude. And living beside the beach he has all the freedom and space in the world to do so. He's totally a ladies man too, but no lady will ever compare to his Mum, who loves him soooo much!

These two make my heart swell!!! xxx

TH&DRecords 1399

TH&DRecords 1403

TH&DRecords 1401

TH&DRecords 1402

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Julie Lassen Celebrant says ...
Beautiful photos again - love your work on every level!