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Buonasera from Italiaaaa...

Written by Heather on August 27th, 2014.      0 comments

Just under two weeks into our Italy trip/honeymoon (3 years after we got married haha) and we are far from home and work and submerged right in the love, heart and culture of true beautiful Italy.
We are still having to pinch ourselves every day that we are living our dream destination! ... So here's a slice of Firenze (Florence) paradise just a few hours ago while you all were sleeping!
So you all have a good day, we are going to have some sweet Italian dreams! We may have to relay our incredible day after seeing the most exquisite art our eyes have ever witnessed at the Uffizi Art Museum, and seeing The David with our very own eyes!! Seriously.... we're running out of air in our lungs, as Italy in all forms keep taking our breath away!!!

-Happy sigh-

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