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An Italian Summer ~ Timelapse...

Written by Doug on August 14th, 2015.      0 comments

With today being exactly a year since we left for our honeymoon around Italy, it is only fitting to show everybody a video glimpse of some of the highlights from our 5 week honeymoon last Summer..

This is just a taster for anybody thinking of visiting Italy or traveling the world. It is a must to see as much of this earth as possible.. And Italy is the perfect place to start!!!

Over 7000 Images crammed together to create some beautiful timelapses of places that have come to be icons of the amazingness that is Italy...

I hope everybody enjoys this as much as I did both experiencing it, and putting it together..

Turn up the volume, sit back and enjoy some of Italy Doug & Heather Style..

An Italian Summer ~ The Heather & Doug Records from The Heather & Doug Records on Vimeo.

Music credit to Atlantica ~ "Wasted Roses Never Bloom"...

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