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A slice of Brazil in Italy.

Written by Heather on September 27th, 2014.      0 comments

There's nothing quite like travelling to Milan, and instantly being transported to Brazil.
Our last night in Italy was spent with this amaaazing family, who are the family of our friends here in NZ!
Robinson & Renata are Brazilian living in Italy. Their son Victor was born in Italy and between them they speak Portuguese and Italian.

>>> Enter English only speaking Heather & Doug. And you've got a recipe for a hilarious day with the smart phones being the translator.
Well the translator worked quite well when under Wifi... And then we went down to the park to do some photos... and things became even mooore hilarious trying to communicate directions! ... But hey, waving ones hands like a monkey, demonstrating on Doug and physically moving them with my own hands worked a treaaaaat!! hehe ...

And look how beautiful they are!!!
Spending our last night in Italy/Brazil... was the BEST possible way we could have ended our trip!! ... Thanks for having us Robbie, Renata and Victor! What a treat!

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