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Welcoming Isaac Sebastian into a Happy New Year...

Written by Heather on December 31st, 2015.      0 comments

I started to giggle as labour contractions commenced on Christmas morning... "Christmas Day baby eh, God? Well he'll certainly be sharing his birthday with the man and the reason behind Christmas Day... What an honour! Awesome, let's doooo it!!!!!" ...
A minute and a half to 2 minutes between every contraction from 7 in the morning through to the moment he was born. Nice and consistent. Each contraction grew with intensity as the hours ticked on by. We carried on the day as usual until the point that I could no longer hold a conversation and I certainly cannot remember what I opened from under the Christmas Tree! (hehe umm thanks for the gifts family!!)

I was praying that Baby Boo would join our family in 2015 so both our babies were born in the same year. And we were soooo incredibly blessed with the birth of our beautiful baby boy, Isaac Sebastian Richardson on Christmas Night at 9.55pm, weighing a precious 6 pounds, 6 ounces.

We leave 2015 with grateful hearts. Doug and I have grown in peace, in love, in strength and in faith this year and we look forward to celebrating 2016 with our precious son that already at just 6 days old, melts us beyond measure and is teaching us life's most important lessons.

We Thank you for sincerely for all the love and support we've been shown this year. By Family and Friends, clients and absolute strangers. We've been blessed from all angles.

Happy New Year and we look forward to a kick ass, fun and inspirational 2016 with you all! xoxo


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